The Current State of Things

The Current State of Things

  I haven’t blogged much lately, mostly because I feel numb watching the way the world is going. Not just numb, but helpless. Like I should be out there, protesting, volunteering for charities or changing the world with my own two hands. We are told to be afraid of strangers and immigrants. We are told walls and bans will keep us safe. They won’t. Walls and bans divide. They create hate. They create violence. There’s a rise of the extreme right in Europe and in the United States. The racist uncle who is constantly muttering under his breath and gets […]

London at Christmas

Treasure Hunt in London

My girlfriend managed, somehow, don’t ask me how, to get tickets for the very-much-sold-out-until-I-don’t-know-when Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. She also thought it would be boring if I just got a plain envelope to open in front of our lovely tree. So, she got me socks instead. How thoughtful. Ok. That’s not entirely true. I’m being unfair. She planned a treasure hunt for me. One where I had to get up at 6 in the morning on a Sunday. To be fair, we’d decided we want to drive into London on Christmas Day a few months ago. Walk around […]

our garden

Our Garden 1

was a mess. Literally. It was mostly left alone before we moved in and was just a pile of dirt, bushes and grass so high our dogs managed to disappear in it. The back fence got destroyed in a storm, the shed door wouldn’t close and once we let the dogs play, they basically killed the grass. The result was not pretty. At the back was a second shed to the right, before the storm took it down (along with the fence). Now, it’s just dirt and rocks and bricks. When we moved in last year it was already the beginning […]

lola and blue

45 Days After Moving

Many things are so much better but not everything is good yet. Ran out of strong coffee yesterday. That, for example, can’t happen again. Not sure getting Netflix was such a great idea either, my productivity… who am I kidding, I never had any productivity to begin with. Look at how pretty it is here: The dogs are better; they tolerate each other. We did have a setback though, once we got Lola groomed. She was quite fluffy by June and I told the gf to keep it that way, just in case they go into a fight. I’d much […]


13 Days After The Move

It’s been nearly two weeks since I arrived here. First all hell broke loose because the dogs wanted to kill each other. Quite literally as well. Blue was snarling at the little one. Now they coexist peacefully as long as they don’t fight for my attention or a toy. I have a few scratches that prove it’s too early to introduce toys. Then they started showing signs of separation anxiety. Blue broke out of his crate. He threw himself against the doors as many times as needed until it popped out. Lola just whimpers whenever we leave the room. She […]

gf with dog

From Switzerland to England 1

There haven’t been many posts lately and I just wanted to explain that the reason isn’t my laziness. We’re currently busy moving. Actually, no, we’re currently busy waiting for the move, which is even more stressful than the actual move. I’m one of those writers who is incapable of writing when stressed, unhappy, nervous, anxious or anything really for that matter. This makes writing for me especially tough. I know many important books have been written because their authors were either depressed or otherwise in terrible situations. If those authors were anything like me, those books wouldn’t exist. When I’m […]