London Duathlon

London Duathlon 1

The London Duathlon in Richmond park is happening every year in September. As of this year (2016) they also offer a 10K race in case cycling isn’t your thing but you’d still like to run through a park filled with deer, which surprisingly enough really don’t care if you want to drive past them or not (and you have to stop for the deer, that’s one of the rules.) The gf doesn’t like to swim, so triathlons are out. This is the 2nd time that we’ve participated. And we plan to enter next year’s race as well. A Duathlon is basically […]

prudential ride london

Prudential Ride London 2015

Last Saturday was the 1st of August, which is Swiss National Day. Usually this would mean BBQ and fireworks but alas I am currently not in Switzerland. The gf remembered that the Prudential Ride London was happening. I looked it up and figured it probably won’t be as good as BBQ and fireworks but why not give it a try. Prudential Ride London is basically the world’s greatest festival of cycling… and many of the roads in London are traffic-free. It is sponsored by Prudential. Hence the name. There’s several events. On Saturday they offered the chance for everyone to […]