Restaurant in London: Roti Chai

restaurant roti chai

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, Thomas, visited London for a few days with his wife and we had dinner with him. He suggested Indian food and he suggested Roti Chai. We agreed and didn’t regret it. Roti Chai is located just off Oxford Street, between Bond Street and Marble Arch. The restaurant has two sections. Upstairs is the “Street Kitchen”, which is open all day and offers, as the name suggests, a vast selection of Indian street food. Downstairs is the “Dining Room”, which is only open in the evening and offers a variety of curries. We sat down in the “Street Kitchen”.


The menu offers several smaller plates and a few bigger ones, perfect for sharing. The menu also informs you that you should consider ordering 2-3 smaller plates and one bigger plate per person. We did exactly that. We ordered 6 small plates between the two of us and two bigger plates. The waiter tried to protest. It’s a lot of food, he said, eyeing us suspiciously. I pointed at the instructions on the menu… he continued eyeing us. To be fair, we are two rather small girls… so I told him that he hadn’t seen us eat. By that point I was very hungry and didn’t appreciate the person standing between me and delicious Indian food. He shrugged, obviously not convinced, but accepted our order. Sadly enough he wasn’t the person to take away the very empty plates an hour later.

The food was delicious. I enjoyed the “chicken samosa chaat” and the “hyderbadi duck” the most. We also had a delicious “bun chilli chicken” and “chicken lollipops”.


Just writing about the food makes me want to go back right now. Service was fast and friendly as well. We will definitely visit again and work our way through the menu.



  • Country: England (London)
  • Weather: Another restaurant, no outside seating
  • Budget: $$ (unless you’re just there for a small snack)
  • For further information: Official site, sadly only with a sample menu and tripadvisor

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