Restaurant in London: Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon BBQ

Amidst all the terrible news that we seem to be facing day after day, I thought it was time for another restaurant review, because talking about food makes me happy (and hungry). Cooking for me is better than meditation. I can just focus on my pan and my spices and create something magical. Every now and then, however, a restaurant with delicious food is exactly what I’m in the mood for.

We ate at the Red Dog Saloon for the first time on my 30th birthday and it was delicious, though I wasn’t too enamoured with our waitress who insisted on hugging me several times once she’d found out it was my birthday. NO TOUCHING.

Now see, if a place offers wings, wings in all shapes and forms with all kinds of sauces, I’m in heaven.

Red Dog Saloon

Jalapeno Poppers with a blue cheese sauce (seriously yum) and wings. All kinds of wings. One row slathered with a sticky mustard sauce, the next one with BBQ sauce and the winner: buffalo wings. It was glorious. Just looking at the above picture and writing about it, I want to go back. Eat more. Maybe twelve this time?

Red Dog Saloon

Did I mention the wings were delicious? Yes, I think I did. And they were. We went again a few weeks ago with a friend from Switzerland. The girlfriend and our friend ate ribs and pulled pork. Apparently delicious as well. But I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t try. I was too busy trying to eat nine wings slathered with sauce.

Red Dog Saloon

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, the chips were clearly dominating the board and we were all too hungry for me to shift properly and take a picture from a different angle. I mean I had wings waiting for me. Wings.

Red Dog Saloon

We were early. In fact we had just visited the Highgate Cemetery and after walking in the cold and the rain for a couple of hours we didn’t fancy waiting until normal dinner time, so we had the feast around four in the afternoon. The place was almost empty and quiet.

Now, I won’t lie, my friend did say she preferred Bodean’s but both me and the girlfriend really liked the atmosphere in Red Dog Saloon and I think it’s part of why we really liked it. The staff is friendly, the food came out quickly and we were happy with it.

Did I mention the wings?

It’s 9:43 in the morning, I’m sipping my coffee and my stomach is grumbling.


  • Country: England (London) They have several locations found here.
  • Weather: Wings. No need for weather. Wings!
  • Budget: ££
  • For further information: Official website, Tripadvisor

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