Restaurant in London: Gaucho

restaurant gaucho

I probably should just say: Argentinian Steak!

and then end the blog post with this picture

Gaucho, London

and move on, right? Because really what more do you need to know?

On Sunday evening we ate at Gaucho near Piccadilly Circus in London (they have more restaurants all over London). Their website promises the true taste of Argentina and well, if that is indeed the true taste, count me in for a visit. We visited the BBC Broadcasting House on Sunday morning and the HMS Belfast in the afternoon. By the time we arrived at Gaucho everything hurt and we were so exhausted, we almost went home instead. I’m glad we didn’t.

After arriving at the restaurant our jackets were taken from us, something the girlfriend regretted deeply, because the AC was really, very cold, but that was the only negative thing all evening. Upon entering you’ll first notice the cow hide decorating the chairs and then how lovely the staff is. They were attentive, friendly but not over-bearing all evening long.

We were shown a wooden board with several slabs of uncooked meat and the waiter (who was ridiculously charming and good-looking) explained the different cuts and how they recommend them to be cooked. He offered us help with our choice, but we know steak… we don’t need help. All we need are bigger stomachs on steak night that shrink back down again the next day.

Before our starter came out we were brought three different types of bread with salt, pepper and infused olive oil. The starter we chose was a delicious salad with duck confit, asparagus, goat’s cheese and rocket.

Gaucho, London

Then a fillet. We each ordered 400 grams. The girlfriend chose sweet potatoes and me thick-cut chips as a side. Both of us ordered a peppercorn sauce.

Gaucho, London

The whole thing looked delicious and tasted heavenly. The steak was so tender they don’t even give you a steak knife. And they really don’t have to. It basically melts in your mouth.

Gaucho, London

Unfortunately, I was way too full after all the meat, salad and bread to order a dessert. But the girlfriend didn’t give up and I was allowed to try a chocolate ganache with raspberry sorbet.  (I found a Mary Berry recipe for such a cake by the way, and I will totally bake all the calories myself very soon to make up for not having had that dessert.)

Gaucho, London


  • Country: England (London)
  • Weather: There’s an outside bit (at least in the Piccadilly location), which is lovely when it’s warm enough
  • Budget: $$$ (unless you go for a lunch menu)
  • For further information: Official Site, Tripadvisor

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