Treasure Hunt in London

Treasure Hunt in London

My girlfriend managed, somehow, don’t ask me how, to get tickets for the very-much-sold-out-until-I-don’t-know-when Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. She also thought it would be boring if I just got a plain envelope to open in front of our lovely tree. So, she got me socks instead. How thoughtful.

Ok. That’s not entirely true. I’m being unfair. She planned a treasure hunt for me. One where I had to get up at 6 in the morning on a Sunday.

To be fair, we’d decided we want to drive into London on Christmas Day a few months ago. Walk around the empty town, because the morning of Christmas Day is apparently the only day and time absolutely nobody is in London. Almost no cars, a few people with cameras and nothing else was a sight I’d never seen before.

We grabbed Santander bikes and I got my first clue, a postcode, where I had to solve a riddle and in return I got an object which was supposed to lead me to the solution of this hunt.

Let me just tell you right now: I did not get it.

25th December 2016 - Central London

This is my “I’ve gotten up at a rotten time and didn’t realise I should brush my hair” picture. It took about an hour until I’d gathered all clues. The longer it went on the more confused I got. The girlfriend was very worried, I’d get it five minutes into the whole thing and would destroy everything by going: AHA!

She’d even asked me to refrain from going AHA and instead to just play along. There was no AHA. There was much frowning and I was starting to feel incredibly dumb instead. By the end I had this:

25th December 2016 - Central London

Uhm. Plastic jewellery. A weirdly satanic looking cup. A diary for 2017. And a snake?

You want to murder a princess in 2017, via snake bite and steal her crappy jewellery?

She looked at me with this expression on her face that said: I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMART.

It was 7 in the morning and I was cold and it was dark and why was I up on a Sunday anyway? So, I googled: cup, necklace, snake, ring, tiara, diary

and Google was all: DUDE! You’re a Harry Potter fan. Ever heard of HORCRUXES?

But… it’s sold out? Turns out she got tickets for 2018! Yep. And all I got in the meantime for 2017? Socks!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Look at my face. How unhappy about the lack of sleep do I look? Never mind the fact I didn’t recognise 6 bloody Horcruxes sitting in the same spot.

Right. So we moved on and used our bikes for another hour and just travelled through London.

25th December 2016 - Central London

Cycling clubs seem to love this opportunity, we came across quite a few. On Christmas Day no tube is running, no bus, no public transport. No shops are open. So it’s only logical that nobody would be in town.

25th December 2016 - Central London

It’s the perfect moment to take out that camera and take a few lovely pictures. Since there’s no traffic it’s very easy to drive into London and just park up somewhere. Plenty of spaces. If you live nearby, I’d definitely suggest to do this one Christmas Day morning.

25th December 2016 - Central London

Do bring your own snacks though, and coffee, because nothing will be open. Or you’ll end up looking like me on all photos: grumpy and in serious need of caffeine.

25th December 2016 - Central London

Best Christmas gift ever ♥

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