The Current State of Things


The Current State of Things

I haven’t blogged much lately, mostly because I feel numb watching the way the world is going. Not just numb, but helpless. Like I should be out there, protesting, volunteering for charities or changing the world with my own two hands.

We are told to be afraid of strangers and immigrants. We are told walls and bans will keep us safe.

They won’t. Walls and bans divide. They create hate. They create violence.

There’s a rise of the extreme right in Europe and in the United States. The racist uncle who is constantly muttering under his breath and gets ignored at family dinners just got sworn in as president of the United States. People, who so far have been very good at pretending not to be racist, suddenly feel validated and are now twice as racist as before. Because suddenly it’s all right. It’s okay to say all these things, that haven’t been said for decades.

It shouldn’t be.

The western world has been a mostly safe and stable place for as long as I was alive. World leaders kept to their scripts. Everyone was playing along. Not anymore.

This is the moment all timelines diverge. This is the moment where the world can go either way. It’s entirely possible that nothing will happen, or not much and most of it blows over. It’s even possible that some good things will happen alongside a few bad ones.

Or it could all blow up.

It’s a time of uncertainty.

Personally, I’m a worrier. I overthink. I constantly consider worst case scenarios. The glass is not even half empty, no, it’s about to spill, before shattering into a million pieces.

This uncertainty makes me anxious. I can’t tear my eyes off social media and the newspapers. I have to stay informed and at the same time staying informed is slowly killing my mental health.

It’s killing my creativity. It’s making writing hard.

I need to take a step back and focus on things I could be doing instead: reading, gaming, cooking, cuddling the dogs and taking walks in the English winter rain.

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves.

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