Crete - Matala

A Week in Crete 2

Our first real holidays together happened in the middle of June. A friend looked after our dogs, sacrificing a whole week of her precious time, to instead engage with our rather difficult and furry housemates. We can’t give Blue (the Miniature Australian Shepherd, I talked about him in this post) to just anyone and since I moved to the UK, I lost my network of people who used to look after him. That makes going away rather difficult and is one of the reasons I haven’t been in Switzerland in a long time (that, and my eternal fear of flying). […]


Brexit: A few personal thoughts

I haven’t blogged in almost a month. June was quite busy and especially the last week was draining. Though there were some positive things. We were in Crete for a week with our German friends and it was a lovely holiday. I survived my fear of flying and will post some pictures soon. We came back to a turbulent week for Britain. To be honest we both expected the ‘remain’ vote would win and it was a big surprise that we’d ended up sitting in bed, glued to our phones, at 2.30 AM early last Friday, eyes brimming with tears, […]


A Weekend in South Wales

For my birthday the gf surprised me with a trip to South Wales. And by surprised me, I mean exactly that. I had to leave the house and when I came back from the cinema I feared she’d burnt the house down trying to bake a cake or similar. Instead she gave me a book about hiking in Pembrokeshire. I don’t like surprises. It was hard to swallow that we’d be up and running for 4 days with the dogs by six in the morning the next day without me having any say about packing my bag, because said bag […]

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery in London 4

The Highgate Cemetery in London is easily accessible via the tube. Get off at ‘Archway’ (High Barnet branch of the Northern Line) and then either take a bus (210, 143, 271) for two stops or walk. The walk is only about five minutes long and the stroll through Waterlow Park is definitely worth it. It might even be a great place for a picnic before or after your visit to the cemetery. The cemetery is divided into two sides. The East Cemetery is where Karl Marx is buried. Visitors are allowed to roam freely, and the entrance charge is only […]

Miniature Australian Shepherd

My Experience with an Anxious Dog 1

Blue is technically a Miniature Australian Shepherd, but he’s not actually miniature. He’s quite tall for the breed. He’s also shedding his fur. I could take up knitting and probably produce at least a jumper a day. Born on the 7th of May, 2008, he’s now 8 years old. He was a handful as a pup, now it’s worse sometimes. I didn’t jump into buying a dog without research. I’ve read more than a dozen books on which breed is right for you, what to do with a puppy, how to mentally stimulate them, how much exercise they need, what […]

meat delivery

Market Porter: Produce from local farms

We love meat. Anyone who knows us, knows that we love good food. We prefer eating out less and instead go to really great restaurants. We also aren’t happy with the meat industry. I mean, you can get a chicken in most UK supermarkets for about £3, something has to be wrong. Terribly wrong. And we don’t like it. The difference in price between cheap meat and the one where you can actually verify how the animal was treated is not enormous, but it’s a lot of money. We decided that we’d cut back on meat, eat more vegetarian dishes […]