Me, Myself & I

I’m Swiss. Just started my 30’s. I have a girlfriend and two dogs.

And I am a bit of a geek.

Procrastination is my worst enemy. Procrastination usually comes along in the shapes of TV shows and a thing called the internet. My other enemy is my inner laziness.

Once upon a time (read: when I was 4) I thought I’d end up being a detective and I wanted to study forensic sciences. But then I ended up with Psychology and got bored and finally gave up on it.

The little child in me wants to write books. The adult knows that unless I beat procrastination and laziness that will not happen. This blog is supposed to help me battle both of them.

I moved from Zurich to England to be with my girlfriend. She’s the light of my life and my strength. Since she wants a yacht or a pub (I’m not sure which), I might end up actually beating procrastination and laziness and get my arse into gear.

I love to read. Often do not finish the book though. Especially when it’s lengthy. The same happens with games. And other things. I seem to have trouble finishing things I’ve started. It’s the theme of my life.

If I’d have to choose three words to describe myself I’d say sex, steak and sleep but according to my gf it’s intelligence, loyalty and independence.

We have two dogs. One with blue eyes called Blue (Australian Shepherd), the other one is Lola (Cocker Spaniel). You can read a bit about dog training and what I do with them here.

I write quite a few posts about things to do in London. If you need an overview on how to get around London you can read up on it here.