Restaurant in London: Red Dog Saloon

Amidst all the terrible news that we seem to be facing day after day, I thought it was time for another restaurant review, because talking about food makes me happy (and hungry). Cooking for me is better than meditation. I can just focus on my pan and my spices and create something magical. Every now and then, however, a restaurant with delicious food is exactly what I’m in the mood for. We ate at the Red Dog Saloon for the first time on my 30th birthday and it was delicious, though I wasn’t too enamoured with our waitress who insisted […]

pizza homeslice

Restaurant in London: Homeslice

There’s a little corner in  London, near Covent Garden, called Neal’s Yard. It’s a wonderful space to sit down for a minute during a summer’s day and it’s home to the best pizza in London: Homeslice But even if you don’t like pizza you should definitely visit this little, colourful yard and take a look around. It’s beautiful. Just outside is a little cheese shop which offers a vast selection of French cheese. Homeslice itself started as a street food project in 2011 with a hand-built wood fired oven. Then they got their first restaurant. The premise is simple: beer and […]

steakhouse gaucho

Restaurant in London: Gaucho

I probably should just say: Argentinian Steak! and then end the blog post with this picture and move on, right? Because really what more do you need to know? On Sunday evening we ate at Gaucho near Piccadilly Circus in London (they have more restaurants all over London). Their website promises the true taste of Argentina and well, if that is indeed the true taste, count me in for a visit. We visited the BBC Broadcasting House on Sunday morning and the HMS Belfast in the afternoon. By the time we arrived at Gaucho everything hurt and we were so exhausted, […]

restaurant roti chai

Restaurant in London: Roti Chai

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, Thomas, visited London for a few days with his wife and we had dinner with him. He suggested Indian food and he suggested Roti Chai. We agreed and didn’t regret it. Roti Chai is located just off Oxford Street, between Bond Street and Marble Arch. The restaurant has two sections. Upstairs is the “Street Kitchen”, which is open all day and offers, as the name suggests, a vast selection of Indian street food. Downstairs is the “Dining Room”, which is only open in the evening and offers a variety of curries. […]

miller and carter

Restaurant in the UK: Miller & Carter

Steak. We love steak. Even after a lovely dinner when both of us are absolutely full, one of us will turn to the other and say, “you know what? I could eat a steak.” And we are usually not even joking, because we could always eat a steak. That’s how much we love it. And when we do eat a steak we usually go to Miller & Carter. It’s a chain with locations all over the UK and I can only comment on the one in Harlow. That one is close enough to our house so we can walk, which […]

five guys

Burgers: Five Guys 4

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite things in this country. It’s a burger joint and it’s called Five Guys, and yes it’s American. I could thank every American personally for eating so many of their burgers that they became successful enough to come here… that’s how much I love this burger. Yes, it’s a chain. Yes, it’s fast-food (even though it’s a bit on the more expensive side of fast-food). Yes, there are gourmet burger joints in London that offer high quality food. But Five Guys is just what it promises to be: a fast, juicy, […]